Shots in the City : Lincoln Edition

Shots in the City is a collection of photos from one city, showcasing hidden corners that aren't as well travelled with interesting facts about the place I photographed. Here are my hidden corners of the City of Lincoln.

No. 1 : High Bridge

No. 2 : Empowerment Sculpture

No. 3 : Guildhall and Stonebow

High Bridge
Empowerment Sculpture
Lincoln Guildhall


Did you know? Situated over the River Witham, Grade 1 listed High Bridge is the oldest bridge in the UK that has buildings built on top of it. This style of bridge was very common in the Middle Ages, a famous example being London Bridge, but most have now been demolished to stop them obstructing river flow. It is known endearingly by generations of boaters as the Glory Hole because of the size of its arch.



Did you know? Just outside the Waterside shopping centre, sculpture Empowerment spans the River Witham. It was designed by Stephen Broadbent in 2002 and is the largest sculpture in the county. The design takes the form of two human figures reaching for each other, to echo the turbine blades of the city's industrial past.




Did you know? Lincoln's Guildhall has been the meeting place of the City Council since Medieval times.  Stonebow is a name for a stone archway derived from the Danish word stennibogi. This one marks the entrance to the old city.

No. 4 : Steep Hill

Steep Hill





Did you know? Steep Hill is a cobbled street in the centre of historic Lincoln that runs from The Strait up to the Castle and Cathedral quarter. Today, it is known for its independent shops and cafes that line either side. In an Ordinance survey it was named the fourth steepest street in England.


No. 5 : Exchequer Gate

Exchequer Gate



Did you know? Exchequer Gate is the only triple-arched gateway leading into Cathedral grounds in the UK. Originally, it was built as two gates - east and west - to house 4 small shops. It's name comes from the black and white chequered cloth that was used to count rent from tenants of buildings owned by the cathedral church.

No. 6 : Bailgate



Did you know? Bailgate lies to the north of the Castle and Cathedral and is one of the most historic parts of the Cathedral quarter. The quaint shops selling everything from local produce to antiques are built on the remains of the Medieval streetplan, although the name looks back to Norse times - combining the words Bailey and Gate - meaning street.

No. 7 : Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral


Did you know? At the time of its completion in 1092, Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world. It owns one of 4 of the original 1215 versions of Magna Carta, which is now housed across the square in a specially designed vault in the Castle. Built in the Gothic style, it is the fourth largest cathedral in the UK.