Casson & LCB Photography Collaboration



LCB Photography has collaborated with singer-songwriter, Casson, to produce photographs for a series of lyric videos, ingeniously edited by Robert Blackmore, to accompany recordings of her songs.


In 2018, they decided to create a series of eyecatching artwork with Casson's lyrics and

LCB Photography images, inspired by these videos, for Twitter and Instagram.


To discover more of Casson's work, visit 


Click on an image below to watch the lyric video for each song and see the artwork series in full!

Day 7 - The glow from the snow
Day 5 - If winter's behind us...
Day 2 - Banish all shadows with the dawn
Day 5 - Daze of summer days
Day 1 - Flotsam and Jetsam...
Day 2 - Cappuccino Incognito
Day 1 - I spend all my time catching falling leave
Day 1 - You make my heart sing
Day 1 - There's no light at the window
Day 6 - Let your spirit free