Signs of Autumn

To celebrate the first week of metrological Autumn, I showcased the best that the season has to offer

from conkers to cosy fires.See the full series below!

No. 1 : Toadstools & Fairy Dew

No. 2 : Spider's Web

No. 3 : Blackberries

Fairy Parties
Spiders web
Blackberries 1




Autumn is a magical time as the season stretches its long fingers over the landscape. Even looking down at the ground, you can see it has a magic of its own. In the early morning, as the dew covers the carpet of patchwork grass, fairies are having their own party with strings of lights illuminating their way to set the table on toadstool.

The perfect setting for a magical tea party.


As the Halloween approaches in the middle of the season, spiders get busy overnight weaving their web over the natural world, transforming it into a giant haunted house, where ghosts inhabit the landscape and spirits are closer than they would be at other times of the year. We remember the people who live with us constantly but not in this life, and feel the pressure of our ancestors to do them proud as we contemplate the life beyond. However, the natural world continues to show us that life continues to begin again every day.




For me, blackberries are autumn in a taste. Musky, rich and jewel-like jet fruit that shine out amongst the dark green of the hedgerows of the countryside. On a golden afternoon, picking your own is a pleasure that I don't think anyone can beat, even though you have to be careful not to prick your fingers on the brambles!


No. 4 : Harvest

No. 5 : Conkers

No. 6 : Leaves

Carpet of Leaves


''We thank thee then, O Father, for all things bright and good,The seedtime and the harvest, our life, our health, our food...' Harvest is a celebration of gratitude. I take it as an oppurtunity to thank God for the delicious produce from the year. Groaning branches of fruit are picked, ears of golden corn are harvested and it's slightly like the natural world having a hair cut before the long, cold winter begins. These bulging orange tomatoes remind me of hanging pumpkins, decorating the landscape of this beautiful kitchen garden.




Every Autumn I am in awe of the treasures that nature makes ready for our enjoyment of the season. Conkers are a magical memento, hidden by a prickly coat with the promise of shiny ovals underneath, full of fun and games. I always wish that I could have furniture made of conkers, as for me, they are like nature's ebony!




During the autumn months, the world changes its clothes from dusty green summer shorts to the vibrant tones of its cosy knit and tights. As the nights get darker,  the leaves bring light to the bright days, and cover the grey streets with burnished colour. The leaves creates a kind of Aladdin's magic carpet, that bring us to a world of

wonder and colour.

No. 7 : Fire in the Hearth

Fire in the Hearth


Fires make the decent into winter slightly less painful with their burning warmth and illuminating glow. Shadows dance around the room as the flame changes from ochre to amber to red hot and makes you feel at home. Having built a fire, it is the perfect spot for a heart to heart with a warming cup of cocoa.