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About LCB Photography

My camera is my 'Third Eye' to capture, explore and document what is happening around me.


This website is a compilation of the projects I have created over the last 10 years. I am a self taught photographer and my photography story began in Christmas 2008 when I was given a green Fujifilm Finepix camera. Since then, through different projects - personal or shared - I have tried to capture the world around me with my 'Third Eye' lens, telling a story through my images.


My passion is in capturing the beauty of the world, exploring the locations behind my favourite books and documenting the beautiful places I visit. On Location : is my personal exploration of the locations behind novels with my images and thoughts. As part of my Photo of the Week project I shared my images with a short story about what I was up to.


I have worked with English Cabaret on the film, Under an English Heaven, and am currently working on the photography on The Human's In The Telling.


I have collaborated with Casson on her music and lyrics videos and in 2018 we have put together images with lyrics as an Instagram series.

'I don't have a philosophy. I have a camera.'

 Saul Leiter